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The Tale of the Christmas Sausage

The holidays really are magical.  There’s the beautiful sparkling tree, the animals dressed as Santa, the boxes of Raisin Bran under the tree…  It’s particularly tough to top the gift of fiber. My paternal grandmother was a legend.  She was… … Continue reading

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Tiny Dogs, Serial Killers, and Sausage

Oh, how I love house hunting… There are the great houses that vanish all too quickly, the great houses with some major flaw (like being directly under high-tension wires), the older homes in need of updates, the houses with inexplicable … Continue reading

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Sausage Saturday: Comfort Food Edition

For those who’ve been eagerly awaiting this week’s embarrassing typo awesome sausage recipe, sorry for the late hour.  I got caught up in watching the last few innings of the Mets/Yankees game.  Ugh…  So, now that I’m thoroughly depressed, comfort food … Continue reading

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